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KD 500
City of God organ & treble solo instrument - (2007) - duration 3 minutes. Intermediate organ and instrument. Commissioned by Earl Turner. First performance by Earl Turner, trumpet, and David Harrison, organ, November 2008 at First Presbyterian Church, Pascagoula, Mississippi.
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500X mp3

KD 151              NEW
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Sonata for trumpet (Bb) and piano - (2018) - duration c. 8 minutes. Three movements. The work is based  on and created from pitch sets.  The sets include 0123, 0157, 0159, 0257, 0258, 0259, 0268, 0158. The sets are used as harmonic structures that may be arpeggiated in a variety of ways. Scales can be manufactured to fit them (somewhat in the manner of jazz scales over specific chords). Melodic motifs are built from these sets. The sets are freely inter-mingled, transposed, inverted, and transformed at will. 151.mp3

KD 105
PDF or Print
Antiphonal Music for two trumpets - (2004) - duration c. 5 minutes. Use two scores. Three movements. Utilizes spatial effect; players are situated at opposite ends of stage. Reviewed in International Trumpet Guild Journal June 2005 page 87. 105X.mp3

KD 135
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Brush Strokes for four trumpets - (2014) - dur 2:30
While some may hear homophonic, parallel melodic fragments, others may hear line drawings done, not in pen and ink, but with the broad strokes of a brush creating aural designs in the air.



KD 124
PDF or Print
Brain Fantasies for horn and two-channel audio (CD)- by Ken Davies (2009) - duration 7:30 - First performance by Dr. Virginia Thompson, February 2012 at Southeastern Composers League and University of Alabama Huntsville New Music Festival. The work has received several additional performances. 124X.mp3

KD 136-1
PDF or Print
Sensuous Images for horn and pre-recorded soundscape (CD) by Ken Davies (2014) duration 6:42. Somewhat evocative of the West Coast ballad stylings of Stan Kenton but without specific jazz harmonic progressions. First performance (on trombone) September 2014 by the composer at Mississippi University for Women at Columbus. 136-1X.mp3
(tbn rec'g)

KD 118
PDF or Print
Waterscape for horn and digital media (CD) - (2005) - duration 5:00 minutes. One movement. An "easy listening" accessible recital piece for all audiences. Inspired by the 1873 Claude Monet painting "Impression: Sunrise" which depicts a harbor at dawn.


KD 143
Loose Connections - horn alone - 2017 - Dedicated to my former composition teacher at MTSU, Thom Hutcheson, who was a hornist as well as a composer. Modeled somewhat after the Kopprasch etudes used in so many high school event auditions, this challenging work attempts to remain within the technical capacity of students and amateurs while containing musical integrity worthy of the professional. First performance April 2017 by Dr. Matthew Haislip at a National Association of Composers USA concert at Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, MS. 143X.mp3

KD 512              NEW
Crystal Kaleidoscope - French horn & vibraphone - 2018 - duration c. 8 minutes. The musical crystals are pitch sets are spun out into transformed patterns of melodic and harmonic variety. Composed for Dr. James Boldin and Dr. Mel Mobley with funding from the Meir Ramon Commissioning Assistance grant from the International Horn Society. First performance 7 June 2019 by Boldin and Mobley at the New Music On The Bayou Festival at Ruston & Monroe, LA. 512X.mp3



KD 150              NEW    
PDF or Print

Parable of Differences - trombone (or euphonium) & fixed audio (2018) duration 6:20. Fast moving figures with sudden changes. Consider a group of seemingly random ideas repeated and strung together in some sort of rapid juxtapositions. Some double & triple tonguing. First performance 17 March 2019 by Dr.Stephen Ivany at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

KD 145-147
Nocturnes August 2017 and September 2017 - solo trombone - durations c. 3:00 and c. 3:12. Each Nocturnes was first performed by the composer on National Association of Composers USA concerts -- August 2017 at the Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, MS in Sept. 2017 and September 2017 at the University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL in Oct. 2017.


KD 141
PDF or Print
Soliloquy 2 for solo trombone (2015) - duration c. 6:10. In a musical solliloquy, a creator or performer may muse over musical thoughts while the audience gets to listen in, like, on the drama stage, Shakespeare's Hamlet speaking his 'to be or not to be' contemplation. First performance Oct 2015 by the composer at Tennessee State University at Nashville.
no mp3

KD 139
PDF or Print
Soliloquy 1 for solo trombone (1991) - duration 3:40. In a musical solliloquy, a creator or performer may muse over musical thoughts while the audience gets to listen in. It's like a character in a play talking to oneself. This early work considers a young trombonist's dealings with irregular rhythms, clef changes and meter changes. First performance by Dr. David Loucky at Middle Tennessee State University.
no mp3

KD 136
PDF or Print
Sensuous Images for trombone and pre-recorded soundscape (CD)< (2014) duration 6:42 tenor clef. Somewhat evocative of the West Coast ballad stylings of Stan Kenton but without specific jazz harmonic progressions. First performance September 2014 by composer at Mississippi University for Women at Columbus. 136X.mp3

KD 119
PDF or Print
Notasonata for trombone and digital media (CD) - by Ken Davies (2007) - duration c. 9 minutes. Premiered Nov 2008 by the composer at Delta State University, Cleveland, MS. One movement. Fast paced beat driven dynamic work with colorful electronics for upper level trombonist. This is an accessible recital piece for all audiences. 119X.mp3

KD 131
Print only - no PDF
20 Pieces in Changing Meters for Unaccompanied Trombone by Ken Davies (1999) - 32 pages - Range: E2 below staff to B-flat4 above staff (all bass clef) - pre-Bitsch - Uses a variety of 20th century idioms with nearly all time signatures - Suitable for etudes or recital - for upper high school through first year college. View the excerpt for more details and read the review from Online Trombone Journal.
This item is still available in print.

KD 504
PDF or Print
Read Tenor Clef Now - 15 etudes for trombone by Ken Davies - (2012)16 pages - for upper high school to early college -range G2 to Bb4 - pre-Blazhevich -focuses on learning notes without complex rhythms or techniques - paced to progressively cover all key signatures and several meter/time signatures along with some double sharps and double flats- Good companion to 20 Pleces in Changing Meters -

KD 505
PDF or Print
Read Alto Clef Now - 14 etudes for trombone- (2012) 16 pages - for upper high school to early college - range C2 to Bb4 - pre-Blazhevich - paced well to progressively cover all key signatures and several meter/time signatures - focuses on learning notes without complex rhythms or techniques.

KD 122
PDF or Print
Three Pieces for bass trombone & piano - (2008) - duration 10:20. Winner - 2009 Eastern (now American) Trombone Workshop National Composition Competition. First performed March 2009 by Charlie Vernon at the U.S. Army Band base inFt. Myer, Virgina (Washington D.C.). 122X.mp3

KD 123
PDF or Print
Alpine Pastorale for bass trombone alone - (2009) - duration 2:50. Written for Jonathan Warburton. First performance by him October 2009 at the Longy School of Music, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 123X.mp3

KD 128
PDF or Print
Crossroads for two trombones & piano - 2011 - duration 7:50 - commissioned by Ben McIlwain as a work that can be quickly rehearsed by a visiting guest trombonist for a recital/clinic - premiered by him with Craig Watson at University of Southern Mississippi at Hattiesburg and with Dr. James C. Lebens for the Canadian premiere at Laval University in Quebec City, both in October 2011. 128X.mp3

KD 104
PDF or Print
Milton's Trombonesfor trombone quartet - (2003) - duration c. 2:34. Written for The New Orleans Trombone Choir directed by Milton Bush. First performance July 2003 in Metairie. LA. Also performed by participants at the Big XII Trombone Conference January 2004 at Texas Tech University at Lubbock. Dr. James C. Lebens made a lovely YouTube mp4 video with his own quartet.


KD 106
PDF or Print
Quatandre for trombone quartet - (2004) - duration 7:20. Features fixed meters, hand-popped mouthpiece "percussion," klangfarben rhythm, lush harmonies and more. challenging concert or recital work. First performance by the New Orleans Trombone Choir at the 2005 International Trombone Festival at New Orleans, LA.

KD 125
PDF or Print
Divertimento for Five for five trombones or euphoniums/tuba- 2011 - duration 4:56. light, unpretentious work suitable for an advanced high school ensemble. Very suitable also for 4 euphoniums and a tuba as the first performance in April 2017 was at a College Music Society conference at Henderson University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas by Dr. Jamie Lipton's euphonium ensemble.

KD 127
PDF or Print
Wisconsin Uprising for seven trombones - 2011 - duration 4:00 - Features parts for alto and contrabass trombones. First performance by Dr. David Loucky and the MTSU Low Brass in March 2014 at Middle Tennessee State University at Murfreesboro. 127X.mp3



KD 142
Plombérie partagée (Shared Plumbing) for double-belled euphonium alone - duration 3:20. When French Canadian Laval University trombone professor Dr. James C. Lebens commissioned this piece to demonstrate his newly acquired instrument, he requested a modern sounding, semi-vituosic solo piece that also allowed for a little tongue in cheek humor. In the 142.mp4 video, Dr. Lebens says (speaks French) "this is an excerpt from a piece called Shared Plumbing (Plombérie partagée) by American composer Ken Davies, commissioned by me for this instrument."

KD 140
Euphonic Soundscape for euphonium and fixed audio - (2015) - duration 7:52. Commissioned and first performance by Cody Ford April 2016 at Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA. There are harp-like glissandos, random and synthetic scale runs in multiple tuplets, multi-voiced pointillistic filigrees and cascading arpeggiations. sweeping chords harmonically planed along with a few instances of static background atmospheres over which the euphonium soars. 140X.mp3

KD 120
PDF or Print
Escape from the Matrix for euphonium and piano - (2007) - duration: c. 12:30. College/pro level recital work - range of D2 to C5- score 26 pages.Three movements, "Matrix," "Lovesong," "Escape." 4-valve euphonium needed (1st & 3rd mvts). Premiered by Cody Ford with Shayla Blake (piano) at Louisiana Tech University in 2014. Playable also on trombone with F-attachment. This is an accessible recital piece for all audiences. 120X.mp3

KD 504
PDF or Print
Read Tenor Clef Now - 15 etudes for euphonium by Ken Davies - (2012) 16 pages - for upper high school to early college - range G2 to Bb4 - paced to progressively cover all key signatures and several meter/time signatures along with some double sharps and double flats - focuses on learning notes without complex rhythms or techniques
KD 132
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16 Changing Meter Pieces for euphonium and/or tuba by Ken Davies
Now available off site from Cherry Classics Music. Uses a variety of 20th century idioms with nearly all time signatures. These fine pieces are more than just studies. They are musical works with a lot of character and should be a part of every Tubist's library.

KD 126
PDF or Print
Why Can't My Tuba Be Plastic? for tuba alone (2010) - duration 3:04 - 3 pages - a tuba student wished for a light weight aluminum tuba while "commenting" how heavy his tuba was. Now, plastic trumpets, trombones and even tubas are being produced.

KD 121
PDF or Print
Amazing Grace for tuba & piano - (arr) traditional/Ken Davies - (2007) - duration 3 minutes. A tubist who performs in churches as a part of his ministry commissioned this piece. He wanted it as a gospel/dixie number with "a little flourish" (cadenza) at the end.

KD 137
PDF or Print
Excursions for tuba or bass trombone & piano - (1980 revised 2014) duration c. 6:10. Written for Orlando, Florida tubist Jay Mueller for his recital and clinic appearances. The piece makes use of rock rhythms and bass-line melodic material in a harmonic setting based largely on quartal harmonies. 137X.mp3

KD 134
PDF or Print
Compare and Contrast - duo for euphonium and tuba - (2014) duration c. 6:15. Composed for tubist, Dr. Joe Alexander. The piece starts off slow and lyrical. Then it moves on to faster rhythms and begins playing off a variety of harmonic intervals before closing slowly as it began. First performance with Dr. Alexander and Cody Ford (euphonium) April 2014 at a NACUSA Mid-South concert at Louisiana Tech University at Ruston. 134X.mp3



KD 138
PDF or Print
Colloquium - duo for trombone & tuba (2015) - duration 6:45. Written for tubist Dr. Joe Alexander. A colloquium is a academic conference or seminar denoting a conversation or dialogue. It is also a rarely used word as a music title. Musically, the piece explores the unique power of the combined tuba-trombone timbre through a variety of interval combinations. First performance April 2015 by Ken Davies and Joe Alexander in recital at Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA. 138X.mp3

KD 133
PDF or Print
Collage 2013 for trumpet, trombone, piano. 2013, revised 2018 - duration 9:00. Commissioned by the Mississippi Music Teachers Association. First performance by the Me-We Trio: Jason Bergman (tpt), Ben McIlwain (tbn), Ellen Elder (pno) November 2013 at Mississippi University for Women in Columbus. This one movement, multi-section work consists of short pieces which flow directly from one to another throughout, displaying combinations of instruments as it goes. The revision won the 2018-19 South Texas Brass Symposium Composition Competition and was performed at the Symposium March 2019 at Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas. 133X.mp3

KD 130
PDF or Print
Three Roads Diverged - brass trio - tpt, hrn, tbn - 2012 - duration 9:06 -
3 mvts: 1) Cobblestone Streets 2) Concrete Forest 3) The Broad Way.
Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken begins with "Two Roads Diverged in a yellow wood."Here are three instruments and three roads. And that makes all the difference. First performance was April 2014 at Biedenharn Recital Hall at Univ of Louisiana at Monroe by the Black Bayou Brass with Aaron Witek (tpt), James Boldin (horn) and James Layfield (trbn).

KD 102
PDF or Print
Amplitudes for brass quartet - 2 tpts, tbn, b.tbn - (1994) - duration c. 7 minutes. Challenging work for college and above. First performance Nov. 1995 at University of Colorado at Boulder by Rick Grassler, Leonard Mohlberg, Ken Davies, Darren McClaury. First international performance by the Meridian Brass Quartet Oct 2014 at the Sonic Coast Festival, Portland, Dorset, England, UK. 102X.mp3

KD 107
Concert Piece for Brass Quintet and Organ for 2 tpts, hrn, tbn, tuba & organ (2003) - dur. c. 4:00 Feature your favorite church organist with this neo-baroque, antiphonal crowd pleaser set in the manner of Gabrieli and Die Bänkelsängelieder. Also works well as a church service prelude or recessional. First performance by the Gulf Coast Brass Quintet with Jeannie Pollard, organ, May 2004 at Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Biloxi, MS.



KD 514
Cityscapes- piano, flute, trumpet, violin, cello - 2018 - duration c. 10 minutes. Five vignettes, impressions of five cities: 1) Atlanta, Georgia, 2) Madison, Wisconsin, 3) Paris, France, 4) Lucerne, Switzerland, 5) Telluride, Colorado. 514X.mp3

KD 507
Around 3 A.M. for trumpet, alto saxophone, clarinet, piano - (2014) - dur 8:10. One of two contest winners composed for and premiered by Quiet City Chamber Ensemble at Rutgers University in December 2014. The QCCE discovered and recorded the "lost" incidental music that Aaron Copland created with this instrumentation for the play "Quiet City." Then they held a contest for pieces with that instrumentation. Unique staging has since made this work a popular addition at several new music festivals. Be sure to read the program notes and see YouTube Video by the QCCE. 507X.mp3




I wrote these in the 1990s for my working brass quartet (2 tpts, tbn, b.tbn) to use for church preludes/postludes, holiday events, etc.


KD 111 or 111-3
PDF or Print
Air from Suite No. 3 - J. S. Bach/Davies Duration 3 minutes. Baroque favorite.
111- TRIO - tpt, hrn (or 2nd tpt), tbn (F-attach). 4 parts included.

111-3 - Trombone TRIO (2 tenors & bass) or Euphonium TRIO.
111X mp3

111-3X mp3
KD 116
PDF or Print
Benedictus from Missa Ave maris stella - Tomás Luis de Victoria/Davies. Dur 1:30 Lovely 16th century Spanish Renaissance. Originally vocal. No dynamic markings.
TRIO - tpt, hrn, tbn
or 2 tpts, 1 tbn or 1 tpt, 2 tbns. 5 parts included.



All are for 2 tpts, tbn, b.tbn. Some scores are in concert pitch.

KD 112
PDF or Print
America The Beautiful - Samuel Ward/Davies. Duration 2:30
Easy to Moderate, yet lush and pretty. The bass trombone gets a solo in the 2nd verse.
112X mp3

KD 108
PDF or Print
Contrapunctus IX - J.S. Bach/Davies.
Key of C minor as the popular quintet version. Everyone stays busy, but there are rest periods for all in this 4 minute piece. Requires a good bass trombonist.
108X mp3

KD 114
PDF or Print
Fantasia No. 21 - John Ward/Davies. Duration c. 3:45. An English early baroque piece This Oxford fantasia was originally for viols. No dynamics given. Well-paced.
114X mp3

KD 115
PDF or Print
Motet: 'Tribulatio et Angustia' - Josquin des Prez/Davies Duration 2:45
Slow and easy 15th century Renaissance, very good as a meditative church prelude.
115X mp3

KD 113
PDF or Print
Promenade from 'Pictures At An Exhibition' - Modest Mussorgsky/Davies - Duration 2 minutes. For pros. Calls for C trumpets. 113X mp3

KD 109
PDF or Print
Three Equali - Beethoven/Davies. Three short movements. Duration c. 4:00. This is dignified, solemn occasion music, originally for 4 trombones. Trumpets are low enough to avoid being too brilliant. The piece works very well with flugels.


KD 110
PDF or Print
Washington Post March - John Philip Sousa/Davies - Duration 3 minutes.
Sousa with only a brass quartet?? Well, it works!
110X mp3

KD 117
PDF or Print
Yankee Flag Medley - George M. Cohen/Davies. Duration 2 minutes. July 4th Americana with a medley of Yankee Doodle and two George M. Cohen tunes: Grand Old Flag & Yankee Doodle Boy. Of course, there's a solo transition of 'Dixie' worked in for y'all in the south! 117X mp3


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