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KD 200
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Soufriere for flute & digital media - (2005) - duration 6:30. College/pro level recital work featuring electronic stereo accompaniment soundtrack. First performance October 2006 by Sarah Schneider Busman at Society of Composers Conference at Middle Tennessee State University. 200X.mp3


KD 203
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Palindromes for flute unaccompanied - (2008) - duration 3:15 College/pro recital piece. Short palindromic figures make up the larger palindrome form. Inspired by a 21st century politician named Palin who had once been a flute talent beauty pageant contestant.

KD 500
City of God - solo treble instrumentand organ; (2007) - duration c. 3 minutes. Commissioned by Earl Turner as a worship service meditative offertory piece. First performance November 2008. City of God by Earl Turner, trumpet and David Harrison, organ at First Presbyterian Church, Pascagoula, Mississippi. Choose trumpet or clarinet (in Bb)
or flute or oboe (in C) or violin.
(clarinet sample)

KD 205
PDF or Print
Fantasizing for flute, oboe or clarinet in B-Flat. (1980, this arr. 1996) - duration 2:10. All parts provided. For the young folks starting on the easy pieces. Pop style ballad, pretty tune, easy piano accompaniment, includes guitar chord symbols, sophisticated chord changes. Pros playing this might ask their jazz pianists to "fill it up a little." 205.mp3

KD 209 KD 209-1
PDF or Print
Weather Report for oboe & fixed audio (CD) (KD 209)
Weather Report for Soprano Saxophone & fixed audio (CD) (KD 209-1)
(2017) duration 6:42. These five atmospheric vignettes flow unbroken from one to the next with the weather forecaster's voice occasionally audible as the work progresses. See the 209X.pdf excerpt for program notes. First performance by Dr. Richard Kravchak June 2018 at Marsh Auditorium, University of Southern Mississippi at Hattiesburg.

KD 201 KD 201-1
PDF or Print
Dark River for English horn & digital media (KD 201) or
Dark River for Alto Saxophone & digital media(KD 201-1) - (2005) - duration 4:40. College/pro level recital work. "...and then I came upon the dark river, murky, mysterious, melancholic mist suspended over the surface like ancient spirits of a lost tribe sighing, singing, and screeching from the dark river." First performance on Englsh Horn March 2006 by Dr. Kelly Vaneman at the Southeastern Composers Conference at Converse College, Spartanburg, SC. Performances by others at several festivals include Electroacoustic Barn Dance, inner sOUndscapes(U of OK), and Music On The Bayou (Monroe-Ruston, LA). First perforance with alto sax was October 2016 by Dr. Craig Young at the Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers (CFAMC) annual conference at Mississippi College, Clinton, MS.

KD 208
PDF or Print
Twitter Rhapsody for clarinet & fixed audio (CD) - (2015) - dur 8:06. Experimental work utilizing quotation and recorded narration. Clarinet range E3-A6. Score 24 pages. First performance Feb 2016 at Society of Composers concert at Friends University, Wichita, Kansasby Sarunas Jankauskas who also featured this work at the International ClarinetFest 2017 in Orlando,Florida. Watch Dr. Jankauskas on the YouTube video at the Southeastern Composers League Festival. 208X.mp3


KD 210
PDF or Print
Nocturnes for solo bassoon or bass clarinet or tenor saxophone - 2017 - dur c. 6:30. Subtitles: August 2017 (3:00) and September 2017 (3:12). Mid-range and gentle. Suitable for undergrads. Each Nocturne was first performed by the composer on trombone on National Association of Composers USA concerts -- August 2017 at the Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, MS in Sept. 2017 and September 2017 at the University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL in Oct. 2017.

KD 211 KD 211-1
Sensuous Images (2014) duration 6:42
for bassoon and pre-recorded soundscape (CD) KD 211 or
for Tenor Saxophone and pre-recorded soundscape KD 211-1
Somewhat evocative of the West Coast ballad stylings of Stan Kenton but without specific jazz harmonic progressions. First performance September 2014 by composer (on trombone) at Mississippi University for Women at Columbus.

KD 504
PDF or Print
Read Tenor Clef Now - 15 etudes for bassoon - (2012) 16 pages - Good for late high school, early college. Takes student through a few notes and accidentals to memorize at a time. One etude in each key. Range G2 to Bb4. focuses on learning notes without complex rhythms or techniques. Paced to progressively cover all key signatures and various meter/time signatures along with a few double sharps and double flats. 504X.pdf


KD 207
PDF or Print
Compare And Contrast - duo clarinet & bassoon by Ken Davies (2014)dur. c. 6:15. The whimsical title evokes one of the education world’s best known devices for test writing. However, this piece is not a test, but rather an acknowledgement of two woodwinds of distinctively different timbre and character.

KD 202
PDF or Print
Veiled Places for Woodwind Quintet [fl, ob, cl, hn, bn] - (2006) - dur 11min. College/pro level work. Three movements: 1) Empyrean Escarpments, 2) Anasazi Apparitions, 3) Land of Cragged Spires. First performance March 2007 by the Neopolitan Wind Quintet at the Southeastern Composers' League Forum at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

KD 204
PDF or Print
Dark Side of Venus for Saxophone Quartet (sop. alt. ten. bari.) - (2014) - duration c. 7:05. Dark side of Venus, the planet? Or dark side of Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility and prosperity? First performance at Southeastern Composers Forum, 24 February 2018 at Magale Recital Hall, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA by saxophonists Daniel Larin (sop), Jules Galvin (alto), Tyrell Redd (ten), and Zachary Killinglworth (bari).

KD 206
PDF or Print
Fantasia Op. 21 - Clarinet Quartet or Choir by John Ward, transcribed by Ken Davies - duration c. 3:45. An early English baroque piece. This Oxford fantasia was originally for viols. No dynamics given. Well-paced. 206X.mp3



KD 514
Cityscapes - flute, trumpet, violin, cello, piano - 2018 - duration c. 10 minutes. Five vignettes, impressions of five cities: 1) Atlanta, Georgia, 2) Madison, Wisconsin, 3) Paris, France, 4) Lucerne, Switzerland, 5) Telluride, Colorado. 514X.mp3

KD 507
Around 3 A.M.for alto saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, piano - (2014) - dur 8:10. Winner of Quiet City Chamber Ensemble (QCCE) call for scores. Premiered by them at Rutgers University in December 2014. Popular at festivals by Society of Composers, Wisconsin Alliance of Composers, Music On The Bayou, and others. See YouTube Video by the QCCE. 507X.mp3


KD 502
PDF or Print
Atlanta Variations - for oboe, vln, vla, vc, piano - (2009) duration c. 4:12. Written as a contest piece where the form (theme and variation) was specified though the variations freely take on their own forms. 502X.mp3


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