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Licensing Ken's Music

All our licensing is handled directly through Kenvad Music,
NOT through the Harry Fox Agency or any other copyright clearance agency..

Limited Mechanical Licensing: May be ordered by email. Please provide us with:
  1. the title(s) you wish to record, 
  2. timings for each,
  3. the title of the finished CD,
  4. the performing group,
  5. billing information,
  6. number of CDs you estimate manufacturing.
A license will be sent to you to sign and return along with an invoice for any charges. Contact our office.

Long-term, High-Volume Licensing: Please provide us with:
  • the titles you wish to record and timings for each,
  • the title of the finished CD and the performing group,
  • billing information, and your initial distribution estimate.
  • If you have an established method of paying royalties, please include this information as well.
A license will be sent out to you to sign and return, as well as an invoice for any charges. Contact us.

Mechanical License for works that have audio tracks as part of the work (e.g. Title for horn and fixed audio) require a license for both the musical composition and the sound recording.

Synchronization Licenss for film, video, etc.

Dance License for ballet, free dance, etc.

Broadcast Licensing: Please contact our office to discuss license and payment options.

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