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Jack Vondell, writer

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I am Jack Vondell, an Americanmusician turned writer of dark fantasy, horror, and speculative fiction: since August 2022, I have completed several sort stories and a novel. As  I continue to study my new craft I also seek my first fiction publications…

I'm actually not a "new" writer. I had been writing since high school, but not fiction . In my previous music business, I wrote advertising academic papers, trade articles, program notes, grant applications, other people's websites, edited a music organizations quarterly journal, and even wrote contracts and licensing agreements.

I have been a fan or horror movies and stories since childhood. So I naturally gravitated to this group of subgenres.

Most of my current fiction is being submitted to publications, so cannot now be posted here. But here are a couple "self-published"short stories.

Campfire Cats, a 1530 word horror fiction about a Colorado mountain weekend camping  trip.

The Fake Audiologist - a 1700 word fiction horror story of suicide and a demon.

SHADLIKER,  Ear Doctor  - my first dark fiction novel is complete and seeking publication. Learn more…


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