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Some of Our Clients - Denver Musicians Assn
David Drazin - Chicago-based silent film and jazz pianist
Classical Glass - site featuring stained glass artwork
Junior Symphony League - arts organization
AAIIRR Power Acousticoils -  instrument accessory
Tromba Publications - music publisher
Jan Cleveland - actress & jazz singer
Barb Lepke-Sims - harpist
Queen City Jazz Band - nationally popular traditional jazz band
Denver Municipal Band - oldest professional municipal band in the USA
PoeJazz - poetry with jazz
Taiko With Toni - Japanese percussion group

Awards - presented to sites designed by Ken Davies

Golden Web Award 2000
May 25, 2000 
to Music Web Hunter
by the International Association of Webmasters and Designers

March 2001
and April 2001
for Classical Glass

Golden Web Award 2001-2002
April 9, 2001

Design & Web Development

Development of small business websites, specializing in music and arts sites since 1997

In 1997, Denver Musicians Association asked Ken Davies to design a website for their organization and the learning curve began! The "simple" opening site expanded to become one of the first consortium sites on the internet, supporting individual websites of many of the DMA's musical members. As the sites became internationally recognized, several of them also won web awards. In 2002, Ken moved to Mississippi and in 2003, the DMA put the site under new local management. Yet, Ken continues to service many of the original musician members' sites.

An excellent writer, Ken understands the real internet and that effective online communication involves more than a little HTML assembly or pseudo impressive "technology." He is versed in HTML, (X)HTML, CSS, Paypal, graphics and formats. And, as a composer, he is especially knowledgeable about audio for the web. For those seeking original music to enhance a business site, Ken can compose and produce most anything to your needs.

The right image for your business

We specialize first in understanding your promotional needs. From that, we can design affordable, effective, well-written sites that meet the image and objectives of small businesses, non-profit organizations, professionals and individuals. We can attractively utilize text, art, graphics, sound, music, layout and forms in ways that keep your image and message focused and easy to promote and update.

Music and cultural arts web works

Arts related websites present a special challenge. It takes a creative spirit to understand your creative spirit. Our experience in all aspects of the music field and many arts fields makes us able to recognize differentiation in styles, objectives, images and aims and present a site that enhances  your creative talent to the fullest. In these areas, striking and memorable designs have been our hallmark. We can handle graphic manipulations of your photos or artwork and audio presentations of your recordings.



Free consultation. Contact us by email at for a detailed price estimate on a custom designed web site (pages relatively similar to the one you are viewing) for your small business or organization. The web design pricing below reflects a broad estimate of the cost to fully develop a custom web site based on a specific number of web pages. Custom web design prices will vary, depending on your exact needs, graphics, audio and other elements. All pricing includes the cost to make your web site optimized for the search engines. Shopping cart development is not included in the approximate prices below.

Number of Web Pages    Web Design Price Estimate
3 pages    Under $400
4 pages    Under $525
5 pages    Under $650
6 pages    Under $800
7 - 8 pages    Under $1,050
9 + pages    $1,200 and Up

Included in any web site design price quote are all of the components necessary to make your site look good, function properly and be optimized for search engine visibility. There are NO setup fees, NO annual fees, NO hidden charges. Continued support, updates and consultations regarding your web site are available at nominal service rates.

Hosting is normally on a hosting server of your choice, such as Earthlink or similar web hosting company. Domain name registration is often taken care of by such sites.

In some cases, music related sites may reside on for an annual fee of $180.00.


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