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Styles and Genres > Classical
(see also History & Literature)

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Kenvad Music
publishing the music of

Sapphire Kaleidoscope for solo piano
Notasonata for trombone and electronic soundtrack
Soufriere for flute and electronic sountrack
Quietudes for solo organ
and more

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Arioso Concert Music Directory - Text directory of North America - Record Companies - Artists & Ensembles - Festivals - Competitions - Foundations - Management Firms

Classical Insites - collage of pages, ezine, messageboard, from Music Blvd.

Classical Net - link lists 
- Searchable Index
- Basic Repertoire List - for all eras, choose Medieval to Modern. Within each era page you can also access composer photos and background. 
- Recommended CDs - specific and detailed database. 
- Composer Data & Works List Guide
- Reviews and Articles by many authors (searchable) 
- Books & Scores - Titles have descriptions and ISBN numbers linked to appropriate page at 

Carolina Classical Connection - Excellent Classical Music Link List 

Art Music Web Ring - [ Home ] [List ]

UK Classical Music Link List Directory 

Orchestra Net - keyword search - from UK
Orchestra Net - Link List 

Classical Music Web Ring - [Home] [List]
Over 700 classical music web sites around the world maintained by Classical Music UK and OrchestraNet

Classical Music Web Catalogue

Over 300 Classical and Contemporary Composers, Alphabetical - Link List



Styles and Genres
Music Web Hunter
Search Engines
Music Search Guides
>Styles & Genres
Music Libraries
Mudcat Cafe, The - Blues & Folk Music link list . bluegrass, too.
Digital Tradition Folksong Database - kywrd srch 

Index of over 6500 songs.
Bluegrass / Acoustic Music Web Ring - 233 sites 
Terry's Banjo & Bluegrass Page - Links to Great UK & European Bluegrass Resource, as good as it gets. 
Bluegrass World - links

Celtic Traditional Music Ring - [Home] [List ] - Web Ring- 
Ceolas Celtic Music Archive - link list 
Collection of Celtic Music and related info. 

Native Music and Arts Organizations and Individuals - link library of NA music and additional NA cultural resources.
Native American Music Resources on the Internet - link list  - lists all of the Cajun & Zydeco radio programs on the internet and those on AM/FM stations in Louisiana and AM/FM stations in other states

Library of Folk Music Links - like it says!
Southern Mosaic - 700 recordings from Library of Congress archives.
Folk Music Web Ring - 414 sites [List] [Home]
Traditional Ballad Index - bkgd info on songs. Searchable database

Conjunto Music - links and articles for this accordian based Tex-Mex musical tradition, from U of Texas
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Music of China -  instruments, history, bios, more
Traditional Chinese Instruments - covers info on instruments with sound clips. Real Media player required.

Everything Jewish - The Essential Guide to Israeli Music
Israeli Music Online - links & resources 

African Music WebringMusic of the African continent, including Ghanian highlife and soukous, Nigerian juju and fuji, Cameroon's makossa, Cote d'Ivoire's zglibithy, Senegalese mbalax, South Africa's Jazz and pop, and East African Taarab.
Africa Online: East Africa - Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zanzibar.
Africa Online: West Africa - music of Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal. 
Africa Online: Southern Africa - South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
Africa Online: North Africa - Morocco

Bata Drums - Afro-Cuban Bata drumming links
Latin and Caribbean Music - incl Cuban links

Latin American Instruments - especially of Central America, from the Miner Museum
Latin American Music Center - especially Central & South America, from Indiana U
Music in Latin America - comprensive link library

Reggae Webring [Home Page] [Site List] 311 sites 

Beat of India -  folk music of India. Largest resource  on the web. Over 250 songs,  video clips, information on musical forms like Biraha, Kajri, Chaiti, Hori and over 50 others,  calender of  festivals and more. 

Ethnomusicology, Folk Music and World Music (Sibelius Academy) 
Links to Ethnomusicology, Folk and World Music - U of Washington



Styles and Genres>Jazz 

Music Web Hunter
Search Engines
Music Search Guides
>Styles & Genres
Music Libraries
Jazz Central Station - almost everything for jazz and jazz education

Big Bands Database, Original
Archive Search Engine Page

Gets list of files containing keywords. Use browser's 'find' facility on selected files. Type band name, musician, song title, or other keyword. 
American Bands Database
Dixieland (Traditional Jazz) - link list 
Band pages, mailing list, festivals, more. See also Red Hot Jazz Archive (Jazz before 1930), Univ of Chicago Jazz Archive, Traditional Jazz Bands Directory
Ragtime Home Page
 - profiles ragtime's big 3 Scott Joplin, James Scott and Joseph Lamb. MIDI files, FAQ 
Styles of Ragtime - influences, Ragtime Story, Classic Piano Ragtime, dates 
Sibelius Academy - Jazz and Blues Link List 

Jazz Web Ring - 51+ sites - HomeIndex

Styles and Genres

Music Web Hunter
Search Engines
Music Search Guides
>Styles & Genres
Music Libraries
> Musicals-Operas

*Music Theatre Sites from Playbill - link list * 
Curtain Up - link lists 
Past & present reviews and more.
MTG Archives - directory links 
Musical show synopses - link lists 
On Broadway - link lists 
Dedicated to the plays and musicals of Broadway, both past and present.
Planet Broadway - keyword search 
Choose (original site) or (test site) Database on over 400 Broadway musicals. 

Other Theatrical

Vaudeville - by Sentimental Journey. Vaudeville performance team presents sequential site with history & photos. Each page loads Real Audio plug-in. Click jukebox image at bottom of each page to continue through Vaudeville Memories, Tin Pan Alley, Vaudeville Artist Galleries 1 - 8 ; Black Vaudeville Artist Gallery 1 -2; and related links


Aria-Database - opera link list 
Also has keyword search on site. 
Keith Moulton's Opera Resources - link list 
Bios, companies, listserves, schedules, more. 
Operabase - links & keyword DB 
in 5 languages, world schedules, lists, more.
Opera Glass - Information, including performance histories, synopses, libretti, discographies, pictures, and more on any of a small but rapidly growing number of operas. 
OperaWeb- links 
Engl. or Ital. award winning large source. 
Recorded/Broadcasted Opera Dictionary (long download, 177K file)
Sebelius Academy - Opera - link list 
Various & Sundry Operatic Links - link list
Vocal Music and Opera Links - link list 
World Wide Arts Resources-Opera - link list 


Styles and Genres

Music Web Hunter
Search Engines
Music Search Guides
>Styles & Genres
Music Libraries
> Pop-Rock-Country
READ MUSIC NOW!   for piano or synth
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Pop - Rock 

American Popular Music before 1900
American Popular Music from 1900 - 1950
American Popular Music from 1950 - Present
Nice chronological survey from Kingswood College Library, Kingswood, Texas.Many corresponding links. 

Bibliography of (Mostly) Academic Works on Rock and Pop Music - Citation-like text list alphabetized by author. Good reference resources but no links to sites.

International Association for the Study of Popular Music. Scholarly resources:
-Popular Music Research & Education Directory 
-Journals (small list, various languages and countries) 
-Link List for Popular Music Studies

Alternative Web Ring, The - 466 sites - HomeSiteList

Ambient/Techno/Trance/Rave Web Sites - links list see also: Hyperreal

The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary - Features names, places, albums, info, links, search engine.

Industrial/Gothic Database - link lists 
Over 3800 artist/group listings 

Industrial List from Sound World - link list 
Australian site, lists groups 

Popular Song Database - keyword search 
from Univ. of Washington Collection 

Gibralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock - database 

Progressive Rock Web Site - link lists. 
Large resource for all things dealing with Progressive Rock on the net. Includes discographies, reviews, interviews, links to bands, vendors, labels & more. 

Punk And Ska Web Ring - 586 sites - HomeSite List For fans of punk and ska. 
Blondie, From Punk to the Present: A Pictorial History - from Allan Metz

Rough Guide to Rock Music - link list 
1000+ bands, bios, career reviews, recording - link list 
Official website of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Tour through rock and roll history. Virtual tour of the museum and its inductees. 

Rock and Roll Webring list - link list 
For rock and roll lovers everywhere. Deals with music memorabilia, oldies.

Sibelius Academy's Rock and Pop - Link List 

SonicNet Music Guide - keyword search 
Bios and links for altertative and rock artists.

Ultimate Rock Cyclopedia.- Link List Database. Artists, bands, bios, photos, links, more. 

Country Music Associations and Organizations - link list
Country Resources from Galaxy - link list 
Country Artists & Groups Sites - Alphabetical Link List 
Country Music Magazines - link list 
Country Music Directory -

Country Music Research Aid
Soundmarket's Searchlight - keyword search 

Official Country Music Web Ring - 303 sites - [Home] [List]

Country Music Collection Web Ring- 150 sites - [Home] [List]

(Web) Ring of Country Music - 86 sites - [Home] [List]


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