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Seaside Bike Ride

Sunlight peeks into my room, soft
curtains fluttering a delightful breeze
across my face. Drinking in Spring's
freshness, welcoming its warmth, I wake,
dressing quickly for my seaside bike ride.

My bungalow fades in the distance,
the familiar bike path near water’s
edge stretching before me.
Refreshed by the cool morning air,
the day is filled with promise. I ride with
my back to the gentle wind, dark curls
enveloping my face, fragrant seaside
saltiness invading my nostrils.

Waves rush against rocks along the nearby
beach walk, their rhythmic flow and steady
pounding of the surf resonating around me.
High tide approaches. Sunlit clouds cast
light shadows across the rock-strewn coastline.
Peaceful respite awaits near the end of my path.
Admiring the panorama of God’s creation,
I am drawn into its undisturbed beauty.
Renewed, I retrace the path to my bungalow
where, pen in hand, the promise of
a new work begins to take shape.

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